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Are you seeking an accomplished Chicago native with unparalleled insights into the city and its environs? Meet Kendric, your go-to professional for all things real estate. With a deep understanding of Chicago's neighborhoods and surroundings, Kendric offers clients informed property decisions wrapped in a composed and professional demeanor.

Building authentic connections is Kendric's forte, as he masterfully understands and caters to his clients' needs. This ensures a seamless real estate journey, combining personal touch with top-notch service. Kendric's background as a former carpenter in his family's Richardson Construction adds a unique edge. His keen grasp of construction intricacies empowers clients with invaluable advice to strategically position their properties in the competitive market.

Beyond his real estate prowess, Kendric's heart beats for hot rods. Rooted in a drag racing upbringing, he brings the same passion and precision to his professional endeavors.

For a Chicago real estate experience that blends local expertise, construction insights, and a dash of hot rod enthusiasm, Kendric is your ultimate guide. Connect today to embark on a journey as exciting as hitting the track.

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